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Hi, English Teachers in Extremadura!! (infant, primary, secondary or language school)
My name is Antonio Juan Delgado and I am an English teacher in IES "Cristo del Rosario", Zafra (Badajoz).
I hope you enjoy this wikispace and collaborate to make it useful. January 2007 is being the witness of the very first steps of this space and it´s waiting for you to be active part of it.
How to do so?
The idea is that you can create a wikispace like this. (click on here to have a look to my wikispace).
Did you like it?
No problem! It's free and easy! I promise. I am an English teacher as you are, that is, I am far from being a computer expert. If I could do it you can, otherwise I can help you.
In order to build up your own wikispaces visit www.wikispaces.com. Everything is explained in this site and if you have any questions there is a section called Help in different languages. Once you get started in your wikispace, go to Teachers - in the navigaton sidebar in this sapce - and feel free to add it! That way you will be contributing to the magic world of sharing your work, the world of a great collaborative project among English teachers.
Come on!